IR drop fixing using Timing ECO integrated solution with IR Signoff tool
TimeTuesday, July 12th11:30am - 11:45am PDT
Location2008, Level 2
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Back-End Design
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Back-End Design
DescriptionCurrent chip design trends indicate exponential growth in instance counts along with usage of newer technology nodes which have stringent signoff requirements. Another important vector is the development cycle time which is directly linked to time-to-market. In large & high frequency designs, multi mode, multi corner timing closure with clean DVD IR is always a challenge. This paper focuses on how with few key features of timing and IR signoff tool lead to efficient timing and DVD IR convergence of a Multimillion instance design:

1. Develop a predictable automated Signoff based flow to improve IR drop violation without degradation in timing across all MCMM scenarios.
2. Timing ECO tool Integrates both the STA and IR signoff within a single platform, where IR improvement is calculated by IR-ECO tool and timing improvement/impact is done from PTSI.
3. Dynamic IR drop of a victim instance gets impacted by the switching of a neighboring aggressor instance
4. Reduce the number of ECO counts by focusing on aggressors as well as victims.
5. Automated flow, interactive what-if analysis for convergent closure