Design Rule Decision Methodology For Balancing Process Limit and Routability Improvement
TimeMonday, July 11th2:45pm - 3pm PDT
Location2008, Level 2
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Back-End Design
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Back-End Design
DescriptionWe face trade-off situations between 1) high routability with risky process limit and 2) stable process limit with low routability. In this work, we proposed pitch-based analysis and via coverage concept to determine 1) End to End spacing & Via-metal overhang and 2) Inter-via spacing rules with less process burden and high routability. Our experiment shows 2.5% area scaling can be achieved in 192K design using the pitch-based analysis, and 2.6%~7.5% area scaling can be achieved through 2.8%~10.0% enhance of via coverage. Additionally, we demonstrate that process burden can be reduced through 1) scattering burden to each related design rules, and 2) collecting routing resources from multiple layers.