Hands-on Lab: Build a Hybrid Burst to Cloud environment with NetApp “Design Anywhere” Cloud-Bursting EDA Workloads with bi-directional caching of job data
TimeTuesday, July 12th2:15pm - 5:15pm PDT
LocationDesign on Cloud Pavilion, Level 1 Exhibit Hall
Event Type
Design on Cloud Training
DescriptionThe ability to Burst EDA workloads to the Cloud is quickly becoming a requirement for Semiconductor companies. 5 and 3nm design processes require as much as 4-6x more compute and 4x more storage than prior project placing strains on existing engineering resources. The demands of new AI driven EDA workflows make the availability of on-demand Cloud scale a necessity during peak design periods.

Hybrid Cloud for EDA workflows, enabled by NetApp’s ONTAP data management platform and NetApp’s Cloud Manager, provides a fast, seamless, no-scripting required way to get your design data into the cloud, where you can then take advantage of Cloud Scale computing.

Get Hands-on:
You will get your own AWS hybrid on-prem lab-on-demand environment. You will use NetApp’s cloud manager to create a Cloud Volume ONTAP (CVO) storage management instance in AWS. You will then connect the CVO instance to the On-Prem ONTAP instance in a peering relationship. You will then create a FlexCache volume in AWS, instantly replicating EDA Tools and Libraries into the Cloud.

You will get to experience first-hand how easy and instantaneous large volumes of design data can be replicated into the cloud – without the need for scripting or other automation tools for synchronizing data.

You will then create a “Reverse Cache” replicating a EDA Scratch volume in AWS, back to the on-prem datacenter. The reverse cache will demonstrate how easy it is for design teams to debug cloud-based burst workloads, on-prem without having to connect to the cloud

Join NetApp and AWS to learn how Hybrid Cloud works and how easy it can be to enable and migrate to Hybrid Cloud for your most demanding EDA workflows.