Specification driven automation of SoC RTL integration using IP-XACT
TimeMonday, July 11th11:30am - 11:45am PDT
Location2012, Level 2
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Embedded Systems and Software
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Embedded Systems
DescriptionDiverse customer applications require rich portfolio of SoCs, and correct-by-construct automated approach becomes necessity for the development of IPs and SoCs. A SoC is defined by numerous specifications for IPs and their interconnections. Often, IPs are reused with incremental changes in the SoC spins. An automation which reuses IPs and translates SoC specifications to SoC netlist reduces efforts and improves design cycle time significantly. Magillem is a tool that consumes SoC and IP information in IP-XACT standard (IEEE 1685) and generates integrated netlist. In this paper, we propose a unified solution for generation of correct-by-construct IP-XACTs, easier connection rule specification and SoC netlist generation with connection rule verification using Magillem tool features. Additionally, power intent file (CPF/UPF) is generated using IP power domain information and isolation rules between power domains for power managed designs.