A Comprehensive Electromagnetic Analysis for Transmission Line in High-Speed AMS Design
TimeTuesday, July 12th5pm - 6pm PDT
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DescriptionIn high-speed AMS design involving communications, engineers are faced with an EMag nightmare: lots of tightly packed radios on the same die. Some teams have to simulate for 5,000 different frequency intermodulation products on a single chip. High frequencies, advanced fabrication processes and high design complexity make electromagnetic simulation a “must-do” in order to ensure silicon success.
However, traditional EMag solutions usually extract model at device level due to capacity limitation, to model the whole clock network, designers have to split it into lots of T-line pieces to extract, and then manually “stitch” them to schematics for circuit simulation. “Divide-and-conquer” methods as described above, disregard EMag coupling, require lots of manual effort from the design teams and cannot be applied at sign-off phase, thus introducing high risk in the quality, timeline and overall cost of the design project. A comprehensive high-capacity and high-fidelity EMag analysis flow from design to sign-off stage is presented in the paper. This solution could help designers to improve the EMag modeling accuracy and efficiency, minimize EMag risk and enable success in high-speed AMS design.