Automated DCAP and filler cell insertion with embedded Design for Inspection (DFI) Sensors
TimeTuesday, July 12th5pm - 6pm PDT
LocationLevel 2 Exhibit Hall
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DescriptionEmbedded sensors in integrated circuit (IC) designs enable a rich set of data to be collected during wafer manufacturing for the purposes of quality, reliability, and yield. Standard cell fill space offers a unique opportunity to embed sensors, called design for inspection (DFI) fill cells, with zero power/performance/area (PPA) cost. Inline measurement using voltage contrast testing enables the collection of data from these sensors early in the manufacturing process. In partnership with Siemens EDA, PDF Solutions provides DFI fill cells and a Calibre-based automated insertion flow that enables chip companies to instrument their designs with sensors for critical failure mechanisms and reliability sensitivities without incurring additional design costs.

The Siemens EDA Calibre DesignEnhancer tool uses industry standards such as LEF/DEF to provide integration with all major P&R solutions. Realtime analysis is used to automatically insert all open areas with Calibre DRC-clean DCAP, ECO, and filler cells. By adding a direct linkage with PDF Solutions DFI fill cells, DesignEnhancer enables design teams to insert not only DCAP, ECO, and filler cells, but also DFI fill cells, in a single pass.