Concurrent Package + Interposer + Die IR Analysis using Ansys’ RedHawk-SC Electrothermal
TimeTuesday, July 12th5pm - 6pm PDT
LocationLevel 2 Exhibit Hall
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Engineering Track Poster
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DescriptionIR/EM Analysis is an integral part of the sign-off process. As chips get larger, simulating the entire power grid becomes more challenging for EDA tools and the supporting infrastructure. 2.5D and 3D IC integration adds to the challenge. We need a way to concurrently analyze the package, interposer and die to make sure that all IR hot spots are accurately modeled and simulated. The sheer size of the DB makes IR analysis both runtime and memory intensive. We address this challenge by using Ansys’ RedHawk-SC Electrothermal running on AWS’ cloud.
Another challenge we face is with settling times of dynamic simulations. Large L,C values from the board + package model can make the simulation settling time of dynamic analysis very large. Further, the varying nature of demand current when using VCD/FSDB vectors also contributes to the settling time issue. To address this settling time challenge, we developed a methodology to slice and repeat the vectors and use that for pre-simulation and simulation. In this presentation we demonstrate how we faced these challenges and successfully ran a concurrent dynamic analysis for a large 2.5D custom chip developed for training deep learning models.