The Introduction and Best Practices of Semiconductor Chip Design Model on the Cloud
TimeWednesday, July 13th5pm - 6pm PDT
LocationLevel 2 Exhibit Hall
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Engineering Track Poster
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DescriptionAs demand for HPC increases and design methodologies that need massive HW resources increase, cloud computing is becoming a feasible and efficient solution in semiconductor chip design.
Although cloud computing has been introduced and adopted in various industrial fields, it has not yet been widely adopted in semiconductor chip design due to various characteristics of semiconductor chip design.
Thus, we it is necessary to find a way to setup cloud infrastructure that has considerations of semiconductor chip design and it is also necessary to find a way to use the cloud in a variety of other efficient ways not simply the concept of expanding HW resources.
In this presentation, we introduce not only the concept of HW resource expansion, but also various ways to utilize the cloud in consideration of the semiconductor design environment through the best practices of SAFE-CDP.