Smart Comprehensive Automation Frameworks to Resolve the Mainstream Microcontroller SOC Design Challenges
TimeMonday, July 11th2:30pm - 2:45pm PDT
Location2010, Level 2
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Engineering Tracks
Front-End Design
Front-End Design
DescriptionWith the emerging advancement in technology, the end application requirements to fit for a wide portfolio of customers requires designers to diversify the feature sets supported by an SoC. Even with such complex SoC design requirements the time to market needs will not get relaxed but in the other hand will be more stringent.

In order to comfortably meet these trade-offs, there is a huge need for exploration of more robust and smart design and verification methodologies which can be seamlessly used across multiple platforms and SoC designs.

Proposed automation framework spans across various layers of SoC front-end development and verification
which is highly efficient and portable