Encryption Interoperability with IEEE 1735
TimeTuesday, July 12th11:45am - 12pm PDT
Location2010, Level 2
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Front-End Design
Front-End Design
DescriptionEncryption is required to protect the confidentiality of the data, enable sharing of IPs for business and to protect the proprietary rights of owners of the IPs. Public keys in encryption are used to encrypt an IP while the private key is used to decipher an IP. An IP can be encrypted using any public key. If the user of the IP has the corresponding private key, the user can integrate the encrypted IP into his/her design. However, for better security, the private keys are incorporated into the tools of the EDA vendors. If a VLSI engineer uses tools from different EDA vendors, the tools from other EDA vendors will not be able to decipher the IP. This creates a limitation on the usability of the encrypted files.
To work around this problem IEEE 1735-2014 standard has been laid out. It is the IEEE recommended practice for encryption and management of electronics design IP. As per the standard, the file encrypted in one tool is compatible with other tools mainly for compilation, simulation, synthesis. Using this standard an encryption methodology has been developed which helps to use the same encrypted IP with tools from different EDA vendors.