Heterogeneous 3D or Monolithic 3D, Which Direction to Go?
TimeThursday, July 14th3:30pm - 5pm PDT
Location3001, Level 3
Event Type
Research Panel
DescriptionThe term 3D IC has seen two long lasting---and confusing sometimes---definitions, depending on who you ask: advanced packaging vs. advanced circuit. The former is backed by the group that develops the technologies to vertically integrate heterogenous chiplets. The latter believes that there is more work to be done at the “front-end”, i.e., IC design houses and foundries. With chips getting larger and costlier to produce, chipletization has become inevitable. But, bumps and pads will not be enough to provide ultra-high density chip-to-chip interconnect needed in future applications. Thus, we ask the questions: will advanced packaging lose steam quickly, or will monolithic 3D IC never happen? If they will co-exist, for what applications? What are the pressing needs in manufacturing, design, and EDA technologies?