Neural Computation for Robust and Holographic Face Detection
TimeTuesday, July 12th10:52am - 11:15am PDT
Location3000, Level 3
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Research Manuscript
AI/ML Security/Privacy
ML Algorithms and Applications
DescriptionIn this paper, we propose HDFace, a novel framework for highly efficient and robust face detection. HDFace exploits neurally-inspired HyperDimensional Computing (HDC) as an alternative paradigm that mimics important brain functionalities towards high-efficiency and noise-tolerant computation. We first develop a novel technique that enables HDC to perform stochastic arithmetic computations over binary hypervectors. Next, we expand these arithmetic for efficient and robust processing of feature extractions algorithms in hyperspace. Finally, we develop an adaptive hyperdimensional classification algorithm for effective and robust face detection. We evaluate the effectiveness of HDFace on large-scale emotion detection and face detection applications.