Response-Time Analysis for Deadline-Based Scheduling of ROS2
TimeTuesday, July 12th4:42pm - 5:06pm PDT
Location3000, Level 3
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Research Manuscript
Autonomous Systems (Automotive, Robotics, Drones)
Autonomous Systems
DescriptionRobot Operating System (ROS) failed to provide tight timing guarantees necessitating the release of ROS2. Since the release of ROS2, it has received immense attention from the community. Existing analysis of ROS2 showed the peculiar scheduling strategy of ROS2 executor, which affects the response-time of ROS2 applications. This paper proposes a deadline-based scheduling strategy for ROS2 executors. It presents an analysis for response-times of a ROS2 workload and an evaluation of the proposed scheduling strategy for the synthetic and real workloads. The proposed scheme outperforms the default scheduler of the ROS2 executor in terms of the response-time of processing chains.