Trusting the Trust Anchor: Towards Detecting Cross-Layer Vulnerabilities with Hardware Fuzzing
TimeThursday, July 14th4:30pm - 5pm PDT
Location3003, Level 3
Event Type
Special Session (Research)
DescriptionThe increasing complexity of modern processors poses many challenges to existing hardware verification tools and methodologies for detecting security-critical vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities reside deeper than the microarchitectural layers such as register-transfer level and can span over several hardware components.
Through organizing Hack@Event, the world's largest joint industry-academic hardware security competition, we have realized that existing simulation and formal-verification-based approaches fall short of detecting a variety of those vulnerabilities. Thus, there is an urgent need to augment existing methods and tools with novel approaches to effectively and efficiently detect these vulnerabilities. Fuzzing is one such promising approach, given its success in detecting vulnerabilities in software systems. We present our results and insights from the HACK@Event competitions as well as our recent work on hardware fuzzing. We conclude with a set of research challenges and ideas on building next-generation trustworthy and secure SoCs.