A Systems driven approach to Semiconductor Research and Innovation
TimeTuesday, July 12th10:30am - 11am PDT
Location3003, Level 3
Event Type
Special Session (Research)
DescriptionIn 2017 DARPA/SRC sought proposals for multi-university Center research into disruptive microelectronics technologies that go beyond traditional CMOS and address the fundamental power-performance-area-cost scaling challenges. In 2018 we launched ASCENT (Applications and Systems-driven technology Center for Energy-efficient integrated NanoTechnologies) with cross-functional expertise in materials syntheses, multi-scale modeling, non-traditional devices, monolithic 3D integration, heterogeneous integration and cognitive hardware design. Our mission was to transcend the limitations of CMOS technology confined to a single planar layer of integrated circuit by pioneering vertical monolithic integration of multiple layers of logic and memory, demonstrating beyond CMOS device concepts that combine processing and memory functions, heterogeneously integrating functionally diverse nano-components into integrated microsystems, and demonstrating in-memory compute kernels to accelerate cognitive workloads. In this invited talk, we will discuss how far we have come in this ASCENT and highlight some promising paths for system-driven semiconductor research and innovation going forward.