FLOW-3D: Flow-Based Computing on 3D Nanoscale Crossbars with Minimal Semiperimeter
TimeTuesday, July 12th6pm - 7pm PDT
LocationLevel 2 Lobby
Event Type
Networking Reception
Work-in-Progress Poster
DescriptionThe emergence of data-intensive applications has spurred the interest for in-memory computing using nanoscale crossbars. Flow-based in-memory computing is a promising approach for evaluating Boolean logic using the natural flow of electrical currents. While automated synthesis approaches have been developed for 2D crossbars, 3D crossbars have advantageous properties in terms of density, area, and performance. In this paper, we propose the first framework for performing flow-based computing using 3D crossbars. The framework called FLOW-3D takes a Boolean function specified in a hardware descriptive language and automatically synthesizes it into a crossbar design.