In-Memory Architectures and Computing Applications Workshop (iMACAW)
TimeSunday, July 10th8am - 5pm PDT
Location3005, Level 3
Event Type
DescriptionToday's computer architectures and device technologies used to manufacture them are facing major challenges, rendering them incapable of delivering the performances required by complex applications such as Big-Data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The iMACAW workshop aims at providing a forum to discuss In-Memory-Computing (as an alternative architecture) and its potential applications. To this end, we take a cross-technology approach covering State-of-the-Art (SoA) works that use SRAM, DRAM, FLASH, RRAM, PCM, MRAM, and FeFET as their memory technology. The workshop also aims at reinforcing the In-Memory-Computing (IMC) community and at offering a holistic vision of this emerging computing paradigm to the design automation communities. This workshop will provide an opportunity for the audience to listen to invited speakers who are pioneers of the field, learn from them, ask questions, and interact with them. Open submission contributors also get the opportunity to share their knowledge, most-recent work, and their work in progress with the community, interact with them, and receive feedback.