7th Workshop on Approximate Computing
TimeSunday, July 10th8am - 5pm PDT
Location3007, Level 3
Event Type
DescriptionNowadays, Approximate Computing (AxC) represents a novel design paradigm for building modern systems, which offer trade-offs between efficiency in terms of performance, power consumption, hardware area, execution timing, and the quality/exactness of the outcomes. AxC is based on the intuitive observation that, while performing exact computation requires a high amount of computational resources, allowing a selective approximation or an occasional relaxation of the specification may provide significant gains in energy efficiency while still providing acceptable results. Suitable solutions will not be fully realized in a single layer only. Therefore, applying AxC in different layers of hardware, architecture, software, and algorithms should be investigated. Moreover, while the hidden cost of AxC is a reduction of an application’s inherent resiliency to errors, AxC has also recently been demonstrated to be effective in safety-critical applications. This workshop (seventh edition after successful ones at Paderborn’15, ESWEEK’16, ETS’18, DATE’19, DAC’20, ICCAD21) aims at exploring the AxC continuum, making room for the exploration of methodologies able to exploit effective and real systems that can inspire application in many recent application domains such as machine learning, safety, and security. Moreover, this year’s edition will also be organized in conjunction with a Marie Curie-funded research program (APROPOS).