Special Session (Research): Microelectronics and Computing in 2030: A co-design perspective from the SRC/DARPA JUMP Center Program
Event TypeSpecial Session (Research)
TimeTuesday, July 12th10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Location3003, Level 3
DescriptionThe Joint University Microelectronics Program (“JUMP”) is a $250M, 5-year public-private partnership between the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and 12 Industry sponsors. The program seeks to fund large, ambitious academic research centers to substantially increase the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of broad classes of electronics and computing systems for both commercial and military applications. This session brings together three JUMP Directors to highlight Center accomplishments and examine cross-layer co-design from devices to circuits, architecture and cognitive systems. Suman Datta directs ASCENT (Applications and Systems-Driven Center for Energy-Efficient Integrated NanoTechnologies), which aims to deliver the next generation of materials and device advances. Valeria Bertacco directs ADA (Applications Driving Architectures), working to streamline and democratize the design and manufacture of next-generation computing systems and accelerators. Kaushik Roy directos C-BRIC (Center for Brain-Inspired Computing), and will discuss advances in cognitive algorithms, hardware fabrics and applications. Two representative workflows – neuromorphic design flow and NVMExplorer – will be used to illustrate the challenges and opportunities for cross-functional co-design.