Training Day: Thursday is Training Day - Track 1, Part 1 - Moving to Embedded C++
Event TypeTraining Day
TimeThursday, July 14th10:15am - 1:15pm PDT
Location3014, Level 3
DescriptionAs a language, C++ has been available for over 30 years, until recently its popularity has lagged its predecessor, C. Rapid growth in embedded system complexity has now offered engineers the opportunity to re-evaluate the value that object-oriented programming and access to a wide variety of reusable libraries that C++ brings to the table resulting in C++ now leading C in popularity among embedded systems programmers.

This track will help guide you through the process of switching to using C++ in your future designs rather than using pure C. It will look at the differences between the languages, features and pitfalls of converting existing code. It will also give an overview of Object- Oriented Design techniques and libraries that allow for more efficient embedded systems and quicker project completion.

Featured Topics:
• Comparison of C and C++, covering some of the C++ enhancements. Also including methods for mixing C++ with existing C code
• Introduction to Object Oriented Design. Hiding details and protecting data from inadvertent modification
• Letting the compiler do all the work. Language features for optimizing the output code for size and speed
• Standard libraries and pre-written code