Training Day: Thursday Is Training Day - Track 2, Part 1 - The Python Language: Become a Pythoneer!
Event TypeTraining Day
TimeThursday, July 14th10:15am - 1:15pm PDT
Location3016, Level 3
DescriptionThis session will teach attendees the basics of the Python programming language. Python has become enormously popular as a programming language because it is compact, elegant, productive, readable, and extensible. People often remark that a Python program looks like pseudo-code, an English language description of what the code is meant to do. These attributes have led Python to be widely used as a general-purpose scripting language in EDA tool flows, for scientific computing and deep learning, for embedded software test, and even for digital hardware verification and system modeling.

People sometimes become very enthusiastic about Python because of its elegance as a programming language – so-called Pythoneers. This session is your chance to become a Pythoneer, and to learn about some of the cool things you can do with Python right out-of-the-box!

This track is taught by Doulos Co-founder and Technical Fellow John Aynsley, winner of the Accellera Systems Initiative 2012 Technical Excellence Award for his contribution to the development of language standards.