Training Day: Thursday Is Training Day - Track 1, Part 2 - Anatomy of an Embedded Linux System & User/Kernel Debug
Event TypeTraining Day
TimeThursday, July 14th2:15pm - 5:15pm PDT
Location3014, Level 3
DescriptionIn this session we cover each of the components required for Linux to work on an embedded system (i.e. the Linux kernel, toolchain, bootloader, filesystem). We will review how each of these components fit into the system and what functionality they provide for development and in the final deployed product. We will review some of the choices that can be made, looking at what options there are for creating an integrated development environment for embedded Linux.

An essential part of the process for developing embedded Linux systems is debugging. Whether to remove bugs or verify the behavior of the system it is vital for developers to know how to debug their code running on a Linux target. We look closely at embedded Linux application & kernel debugging and review the different tools and methodologies available in a typical embedded Linux system.

Each of these presentations will be augmented with demos, providing the attendees a chance to see the actual mechanics and ask questions.