Training Day: Thursday Is Training Day - Track 2, Part 2 - Deep Learning for Electronic Engineers
Event TypeTraining Day
TimeThursday, July 14th2:15pm - 5:15pm PDT
Location3016, Level 3
DescriptionDeep learning algorithms are proving effective in many existing applications such as image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. They are also opening the door to many totally novel applications and products, from smart homes to autonomous vehicles, from defense systems to medical systems.

Deep learning will impact DAC attendees in several ways, from the kinds of electronic product we design through to the algorithms used within EDA tools. The session will explain the background to deep learning, the technical jargon, and the main concepts you need to get started. Topics to be covered include basic machine learning algorithms for regression and classification, cost functions, basic neural network models, the distinction between machine learning and deep learning, the training and deployment of neural network models, an overview of the ecosystem including common deep learning software libraries and frameworks, and how to get started with deep learning. The workshop includes access to working code examples and instruction on how to run them yourself.

This session assumes a basic knowledge of Python. Attendees with no prior knowledge of Python are recommended to attend the Wednesday Lunch & Learn session Python for Scientific Computing and Deep Learning

This track is taught by Doulos Co-founder and Technical Fellow John Aynsley, winner of the Accellera Systems Initiative 2012 Technical Excellence Award for his contribution to the development of language standards.