Late Breaking Results Poster, Networking Reception: Late Breaking Results Posters & Networking Reception
Event TypeLate Breaking Results Poster, Networking Reception
TimeWednesday, July 13th6:00pm - 7:00pm PDT
LocationLevel 2 Lobby
Efficient Timing Propagation with Simultaneous Structural and Pipeline Parallelisms
A Fast and Low-Cost Comparison-Free Sorting Engine with Unary Computing
Flexible Chip Placement via Reinforcement Learning
FPGA-Aware Automatic Acceleration Framework for Vision Transformer with Mixed-Scheme Quantization
Hardware-Efficient Stochastic Rounding Unit Design for DNN Training
Placement Initialization via a Projected Eigenvector Algorithm
Subgraph Matching Based Reference Placement for PCB Designs
Thermal-Aware Drone Battery Management
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Waveform-based Performance Analysis of RISC-V Processors
Author Informations